All things about the developer Atlassian that pique my interest. Mostly about the collaboration wiki software Confluence and project tracking tool Jira.


I develop iOS apps and games. Together with Trung we run Spielhaus, a small but dedicated development company.

Game Dev

I constantly think about new gameplay mechanics, game ideas and overall gaming concepts. And I play a lot of games.

About Me

Sorin Stefan Nicolin is a:

iOS dev, Mac head, Unix guy, Rails wannabe, Computer Science alumnus, usability guesspert and overall big time visionary.

Top Articles

Creating a 3D object from the Atlassian logo using Inkscape and OpenSCAD

Even if it is not on the radar of most people, 3D printing is a hot topic now and will soon turn into a big hype. When rather conservative operating systems like Windows start to add drivers for 3D printers (Windows 8.1 will do), it is a good sign that stuff is going to get […]

My all time favorite games EVER

For as long as I can remember, I have been playing computer and console games. I started with the Amiga 500 but it was only a short intermezzo because I managed to break it while upgrading the floppy drive :/ One after another I owned and played with all major console brands, pc and mobile […]

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